Is Vitamin D3 One of the Keys to a Healthy Heart?

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If you're looking for a trusted way to boost heart health, you'll benefit from discovering the power and potential of Vitamin D3. Recent studies are pinpointing the value of this vitamin as a preventative treatment for an array of heart health issues, including congestive heart failure and heart attacks. As well, it may help to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure.


According to an Assistant Professor of Medicine named Dr. Erin Michos, who works at the Division of Cardiology at John Hopkins Hospital, a vitamin D3 deficiency may lead to heart problems. In her view, this kind of deficiency is a heart disease risk factor.


Now, let's talk about what Vitamin D does and why taking this vitamin regularly is something that you may wish to consider.


Discover the Properties of Vitamin D


This vitamin functions as a hormone. It regulates over two hundred genes all through the human body. For example, it prevents cells which are abnormal from multiplying in colon and breast tissue. As well, it assists with regulation of blood pressure within the kidney and assists with regulation of blood glucose levels within the pancreas. 


The human body does have the ability to make this vitamin on its own, especially when the body is exposed to sunlight. However, these days, we all tend to spend less time catching rays and more time inside! As well, increased usage of sunscreen inhibits the natural production of vitamin D3. Certain variables may affect vitamin D levels, including gender, age, body weight, skin tone, skin pigmentation and place of residence. 


Talk to Your Doctor Today


If you suspect that you may have a vitamin D deficiency, you may want to see your doctor and ask him or her to test your vitamin D3 levels. It's possible to gauge D3 levels via a blood test which is known as 25-hydroxyvitaminD. Most people should have levels which range between thirty and sixty nanograms per millimeter per hour.


How Much Should You Take?


To access the most benefits, experts recommend that those who do have vitamin D deficiencies take 1000 IU of vitamin D supplement per day. However, those who live in sunny climates and do spend time outside regularly may not need to supplement with vitamin D all year round.


Now that you know more about why vitamin D3 is one of the keys to a healthy heart, why not consider taking a vitamin D3 supplement?



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