Vitamin D3 for bones and teeth

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Better understanding the impact vitamin D3 has on your bones and your teeth


According to the American Medical Society and the American Dental Association, proper daily supplementation of vitamin D3 can have a transformative impact on your teeth and your bones in a way that many may never have really thought of previously.


As we get older, our bodies break down – and our teeth as well as our bones lose a lot of density and material that usually cannot be replaced without some pretty serious and significant medical procedures.


It’s therefore absolutely mission-critical that we do everything in our power to keep the teeth and bone matter that we were born with for as long as humanly possible, and it turns out that vitamin D3 gives all of us the opportunity to do exactly that!


Studies now show that supplementation of vitamin D3 and calcium slows down bone and teeth loss


Even though our bones and our teeth are not necessarily made out of the same material, they share enough similarities that they can both be dramatically improved with vitamin D3 supplementation. Usually a daily supplement of 1000 IUs is more than enough to dramatically slow down the impact that Father Time has on the human body, especially when combined with calcium supplementation as well.


A recent study conducted over five years and with more than 150 adult patients showed that those utilizing vitamin D3 and calcium supplements on a daily basis lost considerably less bone and teeth material than those that did not, giving a lot of validity to this new research.


Regular supplementation of vitamin D3 reduces the prospect of losing teeth by 40% or more


That study showed that the rate of material loss for those that supplemented was 40% less than those that did not use the supplements, showing a significant difference between those that took placebo supplements and those that combined 500 mg of calcium every day with 1000 IUs of vitamin D3.


This definitely stacks the deck in your favor, helps you keep your bones and your teeth much younger, and provides you with a safeguard against material loss that can get very expensive – and painful – to replace later down the line.


Supplementation combined with a proper diet can transform the way you look and feel almost overnight


Combining calcium and vitamin D supplements with one another gives you every opportunity to transform the way you look and the way you feel almost immediately.


Your bones won’t hurt as much as they may otherwise, your smile will stay pearly white and your own, and you’ll be able to fight back against material loss diseases and conditions like arthritis and the like in the future.


Obviously, you also want to make sure that you get as much natural sun exposure as you can without risking your health via skincare, as the sun is the best and most natural provider of vitamin D3. But the mind supplements with a healthy diet and you’ll get more than enough of these critical components on a daily basis to change your life almost immediately.


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