Discover Vitamin D3 Benefits for Weight Loss

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If you're looking for a new supplement which may help you to achieve your weight loss goals faster and with greater ease, then you'll benefit from discovering Vitamin D3 benefits for weight loss. Vitamin D3 is something that a lot of British don't get enough of these days.


When you supplement with 1000IU of this vitamin each day, you may find that weight loss follows! Now, let's talk about why this vitamin is a smart choice for those who want to shed some unwanted pounds.


Why Is This Vitamin Effective?


Studies have shown that UK citizens who are obese and have vitamin D deficiencies benefit from taking Vitamin D3. It may help them to burn fat. The study which promoted vitamin D3 as a weight loss aid was performed at the University of Milan, by a group of Italian researchers. The study proved that deficiencies of vitamin D are linked with a higher risk of being obese and of developing complications related to obesity.


In the study, obese people who had low levels of the vitamin before the study began were given one hundred thousand international units of Vitamin D each month. The control group didn't take supplements of the vitamin. There was a third group which took a lower amount of the vitamin (twenty-five thousand IUs).


The study lasted for half a year. At the end, the vitamin D groups lost more pounds and also had thinner waistlines, versus the control group.


While this study hasn't been peer-reviewed yet, it likely will be in the future. It definitely points toward the value of supplementing with vitamin D3, especially if you're in the obese category.


It's estimated that forty percent of UK residents have vitamin D deficiencies. If you think you might have one and you are overweight, you should talk to your doctor and have your vitamin D levels tested.


Is Vitamin D3 Safe?


The natural source of this vitamin is the sun. However, the sun isn't as safe as it once was, due to the thinning of the ozone layer. Also, in the Internet Age, we tend to spend more time indoors than ever before. So, a lot of people don't get the Vitamin D3 that they need in order to be healthy. Unfortunately, lack of vitamin D3 may put them at risk for weight gain and inhibit weight loss when people are overweight or obese. But is this vitamin safe to take in supplement form?


For most users, this vitamin is very safe in supplement form. However, there is always the possibility of side effects and the most common side effects associated with vitamin D3 are allergic reactions (itchiness and rashes), facial swelling and dizziness. If you experience unwanted side effects while taking this vitamin, discontinue usage immediately and see your doctor. These side effects are related to higher doses of vitamin D3, starting from 10,000 IU, therefore taking 1,000 IU Vitamin D3 softgel capsules is completely safe.



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