Infertility: The Root That Could Make You Pregnant

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Over the past years an increased number of women are delaying motherhood to become established in careers, resulting in an increased number of women seen by doctors each year for infertility issues. Now the ancient root vegetable, Maca may be the answer to increased fertility and healthier babies.


A Growing Problem


Recent numbers show infertility affects 7.5 million women only in the U.S. from ages 15-44. The is a staggering number and not only does it affect women, but also men. The inability to conceive riddles couples with guilt, and blame. Oftentimes it is just one partner who has issues, but there are times when it is both. Infertility treatments are costly, and can cause depression and anxiety in couples where one or both are seeking medical treatment only to fail.


Frustration and Costs


Many couples turn to in vitro fertilization, which is even more costly than hormonal treatments, and there are many issues ranging from two ends of the spectrum – failure to become pregnant at all, to multiple births.


A Natural Solution


Since ancient Incan times the Maca root has been known to not only increase chances of fertility, but also linked to healthier babies. Modern women and men who have tried everything, or have known of others who have, upon trying this root have had positive results.


The Maca root is beneficial to both males and females. The black Maca root is linked to increased sperm count, and healthier more resilient sperm in males. Red Maca root aids in healthier periods, ovulation, and increased ovum, or egg count in females.


Before Using


As with any treatment, homeopathic or pharmaceutical, the health of the individual on the treatment is of extreme importance. Because Maca works to restore the endocrine system, which secretes hormones, if individuals are unhealthy they are likely to be hormonally imbalanced. It is recommended that men and women using Maca use a detoxing system. Introducing the herb to a cleansed system is linked with better results.


Time for Baby


Couples who wait until meeting career and financial goals to have a baby are shocked to hear they are infertile, now Maca root may help them achieve their family goals.


Natural Maca Root Capsules - Pure and Potent

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