Vitamin K2 for Cardiovascular Health

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 What is Vitamin K2?


Vitamin K is a fat soluble group of sub-vitamins which primarily aid in the clotting of blood. Vitamin K2 is a more easily absorbed form of the vitamin which is found primarily in fermented foods, or, alternatively, supplements. This often over-looked vitamin is responsible for a lot of health benefits, including keeping your bones and teeth healthy. The biggest benefit, however, is for your cardiovascular health.


What Are It's Cardiovascular Benefits?


The cardiovascular benefits associated with Vitamin K2 boil down to one major thing: it helps to prevent artery calcification. Artery calcification is what happens when too much calcium builds up in your blood stream. It causes the arteries to get hard, which means they can't do their job properly, and the consequences are severe, even fatal.


The way Vitamin K2 helps decrease the chances of this every happening is that it contributes to the proper utilization of calcium, moving it to where it should be versus sitting in the arteries clogging things up. Vitamin D3 and Magnesium help K2 do this vital job.


Signs of A Vitamin K2 Deficiency


Now that you know why you need this vitamin, how do you know if you lack enough of it? The sad fact is that, since this necessary vitamin is often overlooked, it's estimated that over half the adult population is deficient. Here are a few tell-tale signs you may need more K2 in your life:

-You have a cardiovascular disease of some kind

-You suffer from bone loss or tooth decay

-You bruise easily

-You suffer from heavy, painful periods

-You get nosebleeds


If you show any of these signs, now is the time to talk to your doctor about increasing your dietary intake of Vitamin K2, or else begin taking a supplement to ensure you meet your daily needs.


Where To Get the Right Vitamin K2?


Vita Premium offers a great supplemental form of this necessary vitamin. Our formula includes the most bio-active form, called Vitamin K2- MK7 Natto. The pills come with no bad taste or smell, and are incredibly easy to swallow - no horse pills here. Vita Premium's K2 supplements are also 100% free of GMO's and artificial ingredients, plus they are entirely vegetarian friendly.


You can purchase Vita Premium's K2 supplements on our website.





Although our bodies need Vitamin K2, and it is entirely safe for human consumption, you should always check with your doctor prior to making any drastic dietary changes. This is especially true if you fall under a high risk category, such as those who are pregnant, breast feeding, plan to become pregnant, suffer from a preexisting health condition, or are on long-term medications which may interact with the supplement. If you are ever in doubt, please be sure to speak to your doctor about your concerns.


It is also important to note that, while deficiencies in Vitamin K2 are bad, so are overdoses. Never take more than the recommended daily amount noted on the label or spoken about with your doctor, as this could result in severe health consequences.

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